Organisational Development

Pakistan Red Crescent Society intends to extend its presence in all districts of Sindh however we have recently managed to construct three new buildings in Districts in the District of Jacobabad, Thatta and Badin not only their offices but also a warehouse, training units and few shops for their income support.

Legal status and recognition.

Since the Pakistan Red Crescent Society has been formed under the act of parliament 1974 therefore it has a strong legal base. However with regard to its recognition and to be able to perform its auxiliary role with the Government, these require more close coordination and acceptance by the Government at every level. We request that the Government should give the Society a permanent status in their system i.e. PDMA, DDMA, Education Department, Health Department and Relief Department etc.


In compliance to the act of parliament 1974 the PRC has its own constitution at National Level and 5 sub-constitutions at provincial Levels to make it more adaptable in line with the cultural and geographical requirement.
The National Headquarters of PRCS is in a process to make one unified constitution of the entire PRCS. The process is going on with the consultation of all the Provincial Branches.

Human Resource Development & Management (Staff & Volunteers)

In order to utilize the human resource of the organization at its maximum level, the in-house training packages are available for the staff and volunteers for their skills development. The Society also send them to the International Trainings, Conferences & Workshops for their regular updating.

Since the main job of Red Crescent is Disaster Management and Health therefore the Society cannot afford to have rapid turnover of the staff therefore keeping the consistency of the staff and volunteers is the most important factor in the Society. The technical staff and volunteers of the Society are an asset of the organization.

Resource Development & Mobilization.

As per mandate of the Society we need to extend our Humanitarian Services to all corners of Pakistan, therefore the resource development is one of the biggest challenge of the Society as a whole.

In Sindh Branch we have been successfully extending our presence in many districts and at the same time converting the weaker districts in to a strong district. We have constructed an office building and warehouse in District Branch Jacobabad, Thatta and Badin, which cost more than Rs. 30 millions.

Fund Raising.

Being a charitable organization, this Society cannot earn the money from its outlets / facilities on a commercial basis. Our services are being operated on a nominal charges and mostly free for the poor people, therefore it is difficult to maintain its funding for the needy people. The Government does not give us annual grant, therefore no regular funding is available to run this noble work.

Fund Raising has become has very important component of our projects as the donor does not normally give the salaries or administrative cost of the projects.
We are exploring the possibilities of going joint venture with the corporate sector in Basic Health like Mother & Child Care, School Safety Program and Provision of Solar and Water Pumps in the desert areas of Thar.
It is almost difficult to maintain the funding line up from minus. We therefore request our President /Governor of Sindh to help us in this regard.

Policies, Strategies and five Year Plan of Actions

The Pakistan Red Crescent Society is strong enough in developing its clear guide lines and policies for many humanitarian works.
Following documents are available in printed form for the guidance of the Staff and Volunteers.

  1. Strategy 2020
  2. Organization Development Policy
  3. Disaster Management Policy
  4. Contingency Plan of the Society (Every Year)
  5. Health Policy
  6. Youth Policy
  7. First Aid Policy

These Policies are in line with the regional and Global Policies and Guide Lines of the International Red Cross / Red Crescent Movement.